Thursday, 15 November 2012


Earlier today, a young, unemployed girl in Athens, no more than 20 years old, set herself alight. I can't begin to imagine her state of being prior to her suicide. In times of crisis, many of us have thought, at least once or twice that we can't take it anymore. Obviously I am not referring to the absolute anymore but to the loss of any hope for a better future and to the forced compromise we feel that we are bound to make with the ugly present. 
For me it used to be once a month, now it's more like once a day but still, we have to keep moving, we just have. If not for us then for the people who have trusted us with their hearts. Tomorrow might not be the way we imagined it to be but, even now that I feel I am about to hit rock bottom, I am certain that with a bit of trying, if not tomorrow then maybe the day after tomorrow will be a better one because it simply has to be a better one. 
I don't have faith in Greece but I have faith in myself. With a bit of love and effort I will eventually build something. I am writing this now so that I read it every time I question myself. 
My only hope is that it won't take years for things to change. 
Cheers to the good days and cheers to the people who love us. 

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