Wednesday, 7 September 2011

2011 Tea Party Stylebook

The religious right’s ‘Bible’

Abortion – the short route to hell

Bachmann, Michele – descendant of the Founding Fathers, chosen by God to restore faith and family values

Budget; capped when referring to the President’s speech. To be reduced at all costs

Climate change, man-made – a liberal invented story without a basis of fact

Constitution – Sacred text ratified in 1788. In the liberal ideology it describes a draft, a living document, which should be edited and re-interpreted to ensure ‘relevancy’

Creationism is a fact, as surely established as any in the Bible. Failure to acknowledge it displays lack of education

Curriculum; noun, pl. curricula or curriculums, depending on the audience one is addressing. Main resources: Bible, Constitution

Darwinism: avoid. Use ‘charlatanism’

Evolution, as in ‘evolution is a fact’, is to be avoided at all costs. Use ‘religion of liberalism’ instead

Foreign policy; obsolete. Acceptable on second reference for American Exceptionalism

Foreign words should almost never be used by patriots for the fear of upsetting the educated base

Freedom – Fundamental individual liberty except for when it is not (see abortion, gay rights, places of worship)

Fox news appearance is the highest civilian honour for populists followed by the Rush Limbaugh Show

Gay marriageone more factor in the destruction of America. Avoid any reference

Government, small – panacea unless it interferes with one’s own benefits from subsidies, grants and Medicaid. Fail to acknowledge the latter when generalizing

Gun control – Liberal propaganda to restrict citizens’ right to defend themselves

Health care reform; instead of using this cliché, prefer the correct ‘ObamaCare’

History – important occurrence edited according to will

Immigration; noun, usually following the prefix ‘anti-’. Immigration produces second-class human beings baring no regard to their significance in the history of the US

Intellectual; noun used to describe a person of moral weakness. Can be confused: skeptic, scientist, Democrat

Islam – Sinister ideology seeking to destroy American values

Islamic; adjective followed by terrorism and jihad (n.)

Jesus – Libertarian savior who preached social justice out of the goodness of one’s heart as opposed to a tax-based welfare system

Jews – Soros-backed liberal leaning organization

Maher, Bill; do not use except when accompanied by the adjective sexist or by the noun pig or by a combination of both

NPR; Acceptable in all references for National Public Radio, a liberal propaganda machine funded until recently with taxpayer dollars

Obama, Barack; refer to the President as ‘Obama’

Obama, Michelle – First Lady who seeks to turn the US into a nanny state and forces people to make healthy choices

O’Donnell, Christine – she is not a witch, she is you

Overstatement is not a curse. It serves a greater purpose (i.e. ‘90% of Planned Parenthood services are abortions’)

Palin, Sarah – ‘a working-class heroine juggling career and family and living out her religious convictions’. Capitalize the nickname Mama Grizzly when used

Patriot is the American name of a person whom the Europeans would call racist. Tea Party patriot is tautological

Planned Parenthood is an Americanism for anti-life and pro-choice. Only to be used in an American context

Pro-life policy is one of the pillars on which a Tea Partier stands. Do not confuse with eliminating child poverty and improving health care

Progressive; Capitalize when referring to the Obama Administration. Other terms: traitor, socialist and, to an extent, Nazi

Quran; the preferred spelling for the jihadist training manual

Racism – deep-rooted antipathy towards white, Christian men

Science is a set of beliefs serving different interpretations. Synonym: faith

Social Security –‘bad disease created at the expense of respect for the Constitution’

Socialist; for members of the Democratic Party

Stem cell research – provocative campaign tool used by Democrats

Stewart, Jon – liberal elitist, voice of the anti-patriot movement

Taxation without representation; slogan bestowed to the Boston Tea Party of 1773 and the people of Washington D.C.

Tax increase; avoid at all costs

Unions – tax dollar funded group of employees joined together to bankrupt the nation

Values – Authoritarianism; Libertarianism; Fear of Change; Nativism

Wall Street; relationship is to be downplayed as much as possible