Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Reflections: Lost+

Five years ago I boarded on a plane to London. I studied. I worked. I had fun. Then I had my heart broken and like a doctor, I prescribed my self an antibiotic in the form of an airplane ticket to New York. I went. I saw. I spent. I healed. I boarded on a plane to Athens. Having lived in Greece for almost a year now I feel a changed person. I try hard not to lose faith in me, in other people and in the system. As a result, more and more do I lose faith in me, in people and in the system. Except for when I don’t. At times I feel strong, yet weak; fortunate, yet a touch pessimistic; regularly lucky and blessed. What amazed me most is the bonding with the people – the variables of my micro cosmos, who turned out to be the driving force to my road trip. We have had together many joyful and some not so joyful times. We have shared love, laughter and silence. We have run up hills, taken long walks, drove miles, visited places, danced until dawn, sang by the fire, held hands, exchanged beautiful glances, raised our glasses. We have come a long way.

Never before did I feel so disadvantaged yet so privileged. Having learned what ‘live within one’s means’ feels like, I have come to appreciate the truth and the hidden grace behind life’s much acclaimed simplicity. At last, I shook off Lord Tennyson’s brutal line, ‘and faith unfaithful kept him falsely true’.

This is the tale of a girl who, against all odds, in the past twelve months has lived merrily within her means, rain or shine. In all its vanity, this has been a mellow year. You have hope in me now.

I started writing this blog post as a tribute to my beloved friends. Life’s unforeseeable circumstances resulted in the loss of my brother’s dearest friend, Fanis. This post is dedicated to his loving memory for all the joy he brought to my brother’s life. May he rest in peace. His warm smile, kind eyes and soft voice will dwell in my soul forever.

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